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Wyoming Community Service Providers is the only provider association in the State of Wyoming. Although we have been very active and successful in providing grassroots advocacy and legislative education in our state, there are many more providers whose voices we want to hear.

All providers, people and organizations certified to provide services under the Wyoming Home and Community Based Waiver or who advocate and support people with disabilities, are invited to join WCSP and participate in improving the system that each of us participates in.

All provider types, business partners, families and people receiving services are invited to join WCSP. Joining is easy, and the benefits are immediate. Our vision is that people have the support they need to live the life they want.  Our mission is to provide ethical leadership that promotes best practice, innovation, and access to opportunities of choice for persons with disabilities. 

Wyoming Community Service Providers
Adopted Dues Model
September 12, 2016

Organizational member dues

1,000,000 and below .002 of waiver revenue
$1,000,001-$1,500,000 $4000/year or $1000/quarter
$1,500,001-$2,500,000 $5000/year or $1250/quarter
$2,500,001-$3,500000 $6000/year or $1500/quarter
$3,500,001-$4,500,000 $7000/year or $1750/quarter
$4,500,001-$5,500,000 $8000/year or $2000/quarter
$5,500,001-$6,500,000 $9000/year or $2250/ quarter
$6,501,000 and above $10,000/year or $2500/quarter

**New members will receive a 25% discount on first year dues**

Stakeholder member dues

Family member, person served, guardian. $75/year
Business stakeholder $500/year


Call us today at 307-760-8137 to discuss membership or simply complete Click here for the membership application.

Wyoming Community Service Providers Membership Application

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