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Collectively, WCSP members represent over 300 years of experience in delivering services to persons with developmental disabilities. Our members have grown sophisticated in use of the latest technologies to assist persons with disabilities, in assuring health and safety programs are in place, and that our direct support professionals regularly receive extensive specialized training. WCSP members have been and consistently are recognized nationally as being leaders in their profession. All providers have worked diligently to attain the highest 3-year accreditation level from CARF...The Accreditation Commission. Following is a brief description of programs offered by our associates:

Ark Regional Services
Bob Sell, CEO
1150 North Third Street
Laramie, WY 82072
(307) 742-6641
fax: (307) 742-9203

At Ark Regional Services in Laramie, Wyoming, we offer people with intellectual disabilities opportunities to live, learn, work and play in an integrated and enriched community environment. We appreciate and celebrate the uniqueness of each individual - who they are, how they want to live their lives, and what they want to become. As part of the philosophy we live every day, we always stay focused on the person and ensure dignity, respect and choice. Ark has professional, well-trained, qualified and caring employees who work to develop meaningful relationships and enhance the quality of life of the individuals they serve.  We offer a comprehensive array of services including residential, supported living, vocational, community employment, day habilitation, occupational therapy, skilled nursing and case management. We also have innovative, state of the art facilities for our Creative Arts, Hippotherapy and therapeutic horseback riding programs.  Please find out more about our services and our philosophy by visiting our web site at


Mountain Regional Services, Inc.
John Holderegger
President & CEO
50 Allegiance Circle
PO Box 6005
Evanston, WY 82931-6005
(307) 789-3710
Fax: (307) 789-0823

Mountain Regional Services, Inc. (MRSI) provides nationally accredited services to individuals with intellectual disabilities and acquired brain injury in Cheyenne and Evanston. The organization is renowned for working with individuals who have a dual diagnosis of an intellectual disability and co-occurring mental health issues. Founded in 1985, MRSI remains true to its mission of assisting each person served in achieving the highest quality of life. Programs are consumer driven and founded on the principles of choice and personal growth. Highly trained staff members enable even the most involved individuals to reach their greatest level of independence. MRSI's comprehensive offerings include community housing and supported living, community integration, services coordination, community employment, and outpatient substance abuse treatment programs and mental health services. Specialized support services are also available and include psychology, telepsychiatry, physical therapy, dietary services, and skilled nursing. For more information about MRSI, please visit our website at

Big Horn Enterprises, Inc.
Garry Freel, CEO
641 Warren Street
Thermopolis, WY 82443
(307) 864-2154
fax (307) 864-2408

Big Horn Enterprises exists for the enhancement of the quality of life and economic benefit of the citizens of the Big Horn Basin. We do so by providing opportunities for people with developmental disabilities to reach their maximum potential through greater independence in the least restrictive environment. We have offices located in Thermopolis, Worland, and Powell, Wyoming, and generally serve the entire Big Horn Basin, which includes Park, Big Horn, Hot Springs, and Washakie counties. Please feel free to contact us in Thermopolis, Wyoming at 641 Warren Street, (307) 864-2154. Visit our website at, and if you by any chance have a sweet tooth, look at our store, Gifts with Taste, at

NOWCAP Services
Chris Boston, Executive Director
345 North Walsh Drive
Post Office Box 51248
Casper, WY 82605
(307) 237-9146
fax: (307) 234-1029

NOWCAP Services' mission is to “Create Opportunities for People with Disabilities” and they have successfully provided quality supports and services to people with intellectual disabilities and brain injuries since 1985. Their experienced and trained staff (many of whom hold a CNA license) work with participants of the program on an individualized basis. Each person in the program has their own unique set of needs and goals and therefore, NOWCAP Services does not take a “one size fits all” approach. Services include 24-hour skilled nursing, independent case management, speech, occupational & physical therapies, day programs, supported residential living, community employment, cognitive retraining and recreational opportunities. NOWCAP Services focuses on helping each person become as independent as possible and live their life with purpose. Participants are highly encouraged to engage in recreational opportunities and real-world community experiences. NOWCAP Services received its 8th consecutive CARF accreditation in June of 2009, demonstrating their ability to meet internationally recognized standards and their commitment to continually improve services, encourage feedback and serve the community. NOWCAP Services encourages you to come visit at any one of their four locations statewide in Casper, Worland, Cody and Rock Springs. For more information, please call (307) 237-9146 or visit their web site at

Community Entry Services
Shawn Griffin, CEO
2441 Peck Avenue
Riverton, WY 82501
(307) 856-5576
fax: (307) 857-6901

Community Entry Services is dedicated to empower people with disabilities to maximize independence and to lead satisfying, productive lives in the community. CES is a private non-profit corporation and has provided over three decades of quality service to persons with disabilities. Services are available in Riverton, Lander, Jackson, and Casper, Wyoming. Since 1975, dedicated staff members have provided training to adults so they can live and work in their communities. We now offer a variety of services to develop and enrich skills through two divisions Dignity, which helps adults and children with developmental disabilities gain the most independence possible in their own community, and Rocky Mountain ReEntry Services, to meet the individual needs of persons who have had a brain injury. Visit our website at to discover more about CES and the services we offer.

Diversified Services, Inc.
Mary Sullivan-Smith CEO
1138 West C Stree
Post Office Box 1078
Torrington, WY 82240
(307) 532-5911
fax: (307) 532-7328

The mission of Diversified Services, Inc. is to provide training and independent living skills to individuals with developmental disabilities so they may become as self reliant as possible and lead more meaningful lives in the community. We offer community living, personal, and social services, and a variety of employment opportunities within the community of Torrington, in south eastern Wyoming. We also provide evaluation and assessment, case management, day habilitation, and senior retirement programs. Our staff is highly trained, skilled, and caring, and our small community size encourages interpersonal relationships. Please find out more about us and/or apply for services at our website,


Magic City Enterprises, dba Cheyenne Professional Rehabilitation Services
Laura McKinney, President & CEO
1780 Westland Road
Cheyenne, WY 82001
(307) 637-8869
fax: (307) 638-0467

Sponsored by the Cheyenne Kiwanis Club, Magic City Enterprises has served Wyoming adults and children with disabilities since 1971. Our mission is "to create opportunities for people with disabilities to achieve individual success." MCE services include case management, day habilitation, and residential habilitation. Our extensive community employment programs have received national recognition. Specific residential programs focus on community integration, behavioral development, and health care needs of consumers. Cheyenne Professional Rehabilitation Services, our professional service branch, includes community employment, job coaching, nursing, occupational therapy, and psychology. Our Cheyenne CARES program is a no fee referral and tracking service to help individuals with disabilities locate appropriate services in Cheyenne. Visit our website at

Lincoln Self Reliance, Inc.
Darrel Skinner, MSW, Executive Director
1038 South Washington
PO Box 1449
Afton, WY 83110

Lincoln Self Reliance, Inc., was established because of particular needs in the community, and a desire to develop more opportunities and improve the quality of life for individuals with disabilities residing in Lincoln County. LSR provides quality services and gives dignity and respect to persons with special needs. LSR provides the following services for children and adults on the Wyoming Home and Community Based Medicaid Waiver: Residential Services/Supported Living; Day Habilitation; Case Management; Personal Care; Respite; Skilled Nursing; Residential Habilitation Training; In-Home Support; Job Coaching; Job Development; and Community-Based Employment. LSR has offices located in Afton and Diamondville/Kemmerer Wyoming. To find out more about LSR visit our web site at

Easter Seals Goodwill Northern Rocky Mountain
Easter Seals-Goodwill Northern Rocky Mountain provides services for children and adults with disabilities and other special needs, and support to their families. Click here to visit their website.

Kim Scweikert
Assistant Vice President
Adult and Children's Services
2401 Montana Ave Suite 301
Billings, MTĀ  59101


Love, Care & Dignity
Rich Dixon, Associate Director
3344 Ridge Rd Cheyenne, WY 82001
(307) 632-0494

Sol Dommus Inc.
Gillette, WY
Paul Fenhaus